How does the ESCROW vault service work?

The purpose of escrow software is to minimize the risks associated with the development and maintenance of information systems. The essence of the service consists in the safe custody of the application source code with an independent party – an escrow agent, based on a conditional three-party agreement between the user, the software producer and the escrow agent. If the agreed conditions are fulfilled (termination of the supplier, breach of SLA), the contract entitles the escrow agent to release the source codes to the user in order to continue maintenance and development of the software with another partner.

1. The seller agrees with his client

2. Together we will conclude the ESCROW contract

3. The seller archives the work in UP>SAFE

4. UP>SAFE the safe is locked

5. We make the data available to the client according to the terms of the contract

Save with us your data and choose under what conditions and to whom we release them. storing your data – we can create a digital audit trail of your data, capture its existence and content over time, authenticate and authorize its owner. For developers, we can store data in GIT-supported formats, mirrors of the entire development environment, documentation, database data models, deployment scripts, etc. – contact us and we will come up with the optimal solution for storing your products.

Save any digital materials with us. In addition to the traditional source code storage, our storage facilities are perfectly suited for the storage of e.g. technical documentation for various construction and engineering projects, which carry certain intellectual property and are not handed over to the customer. Similarly, it can be a variety of production plans, design documents, technical documentation, which after some time make it much easier to modify the final product.

Store data files with us that contain works of authorship – music, marketing images and videos, original texts, scientific papers and more.

Save to us data attachments of contracts , the current version of your published terms and conditions of sale or purchase, scientific and grant work.

In addition, we provide you with professional services, digital content auditing and source code validity.

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